Agar-agar Swallow (Jelly powder by Swallow brand)

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 This is the most popular and best selling Agar-Agar Powder used for making desserts. It is also used for thickening, gel or set savory or sweet foods without any effect on flavor. It does not need previous hydration and has a great gelling power, about 10 times higher than gelatin of animal origin.

Agar-Agar Powder is used in sweet dishes (fruit jellies, jams, creams, cakes, custards) as well as in savory dishes (vegetable jelly, pate, soup, sauce and gravy, rice dishes).

Ingredients: Agar-Agar Powder, Vanilla Powder

Serving Direction:

Add one sachet of Agar-Agar Swallow Globe Brand® to 900 cc of drinking water at a slow boil and stir until dissolve. Add 120 g sugar ( or according to taste ) and stir well. Pour into a mold and let it cool.