Beurdell French Butter

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Beurdell French Salted Butter (100% Natural Pasteurized Butter). 

Beurdell Pasteurized French Salted Butter in 8.8oz (250g) tin. Beurdell Pasteurized Butter preserved through the addition of extra salt, has an unctuous texture and a rich, cheeselike taste. Perfect for baking. Try a taste of the old world with this sumptuous French butter, made in the traditional way. Their methods allow the development of the prized nutty characteristics the region is famous for. This time-honored tradition creates very pure butter with an incomparable taste and texture. The finest French butter is 100% all natural.

Produce of France.

Ingredients: Butter (Milk UE Origin), Salt (Max 3%). Contains: Milk.

Weight: 250 grams.