Kripik Singkong Manis Lumba Lumba (Sweet Cassava Chips)

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Kripik Singkong Lumba Lumba brand is a well known chips originated form Malang.

Kripik or keripik are Indonesian chips or crisps, bite-size snack crackers that can be savoury or sweet. They are made from various dried fruits, tubers, vegetables, and fish that have undergone a deep frying process in hot vegetable oil. They can be lightly seasoned with salt, or spiced with chili powder and sugar.

Together with krupuk, the etymology of the term kripik is believed as an onomatopoeia in Indonesian to describe the crunch sound of this crispy snack.

Kripik (chips) and krupuk (crackers) are an integral part of Indonesian cuisine. Kripik commonly are made from dried slices of roots and tubers. The most popular are kripik singkong (cassava crackers) and kripik pisang (Banana chips); other types of fruit, yam or tuber crackers are also available.

Ingredients: Cassava, Onion, Salt.

Weight: 200 grams