Mi Sedaap Cup Korean Spicy Soup

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SEDAAP MIE Korean Spicy Soup Cup Instant Noodle is one of the instant noodle variants in a cup of Mie Sedaap with a savory Korean spicy flavor.

Hygienically processed and modern with a chewy texture of noodles and does not soften quickly. Ideal to enjoy with family during cold or rainy weather. Enjoy the delicious Korean spicy flavor that will spoil your tongue.

    Net Weight: 75 grams

    Noodle: Wheat flour, water, tapioca starch, palm oil, salt, gom guar E412, acidity regulator (sodium carbonate E 500, potassium carbonate E501), emulsifying soy lecithin, FD&C Yellow No. 5 (E 102)

    Seasoning: Sugar, monosodium glutamate (E 621), salt, tomato powder (tomato powder, anticacking silicon dioxide E 551), soy sauce powder (soy bean, salt, maltodextrine), vegetable creamer (palm oil, dipotassium phosphate (E 340ii), sodium polyphosphate (E 452i),distilled mono- & diglyseride (E 471), diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono & diglycerides (E 472e), silicon dioxide, caramel as coloring additive, niacin (Vitamin B3).

    Chili flakes: (2.47%)

    Oil: Palm oil (containing TBHQ antioxidants), onions, garlic.

    Fried Onion: Onion and contain monosodium glutamate (E 621) as permitted flavor enhancer.

    All additives are of plant or synthetic origin.

    Allergen information: Contains Soy, Wheat, Yeast.