Sruut Cendol Maker - Cetakan Cendol

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Mr Food Sruut Cendol Maker (Cetakan Cendol/ Dawet).

Designed with practicality in mind. Can be used for household and industry. Made from plastic material that is adapted for the processing of food, non-sticky, non-smell, not easy melted, durable and easy to clean.  

Dawet or Cendol flour is a basic material for making seed dawet/cendol in an easy way. Just mixed it with water and heated, you can made dawet. A simple process you can make to produce a tasty and healthy dessert for your family.

Product of Indonesia. Halal Certified.

Package:  One set of cendol maker with one pack of  100 gr Sruut cendol flour (Pandan flavor)

Net Weight: 370 grams