Synthetic Vinyl Gloves - Box of 100

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Vinyl Gloves Powder Free Latex Free, Box of 100 Large Vinyl Gloves, Heavy Duty Disposable Gloves Used as Medical Gloves for Healthcare, Food Graded and Food Safe Gloves (100 Count)

  • Powder Free and Latex free Vinyl Gloves. It can be used in Medical Office for Healthcare Professional. Vinyl offers highly resilient quality that can help to protect against contamination when handling chemicals, blood or other body fluid. Vinyl is also a better choice of barrier protection for those health professionals that are allergic to natural latex rubber.
  • Disposable Vinyl Glove – It has premium extra thick disposable quality; it will not rip easily and is 12% heavier compare to our competitor brands. The thicker plastic helps to avoid tearing and puncturing and yet stretchy enough for finger flexibility and dexterity.
  • Multi-Purpose - Life Guard Vinyl Glove are designed to be used in various professional settings. It is Food Grade Glove therefor it is safe to be used in Kitchen to handle food. It can also be used in Medical, Veterinary, Physician’s office, Salon, Kitchen, Cleaners, and Law Enforcement agency
  • Comfort Fit - . Our Vinyl Glove is Designed with Heavy Duty Vinyl, its extra thickness still offers excellent tactile sensitivity for fine equipment handling.


Net Weight: 470 - 530 gr.